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This section of the site is intended for wholesalers and trade suppliers.

Wholesalers Information

Wholesalers Membership - Overview...
SimplyWholesale.co.uk offers a unique and convenient way for UK wholesalers and trade suppliers to offer their products to new and existing buyers. Many wholesalers miss out on potential new business due to the fact that buyers are unwilling/unable to travel to their premises which may be a considerable distance from the buyers location. Even if you have a website providing full details of your product range, you still have the problem of actually getting your target market to your site....

When you join SimplyWholesale as a 'Wholesaler Member', you will receive instant access to our Private Members Area. The members area contains a wide range of useful directories and resources but the main benefit to you as a trade supplier is the fact that you are able to post details of your latest offers and deals directly onto the SimplyWholesale website! Posting an offer is quick and easy using our custom-designed interface (and editing/updating/deleting offers is just as simple).

We have two levels of membership to the Simply Wholesale site - one is free and the second is a premium paid subscription. To find out exactly what is included within each level of membership, please see the comparison chart a little further down this page.
Wholesale Offers
Specific wholesale product offers available from our wholesale members. More info
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Wholesale Wanted
Post wholesale wanted adverts in this section so that suppliers can contact you. More info
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UK Wholesale Directory
A huge database consisting of over 1000 UK wholesale suppliers. More info
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UK Markets Directory
The UK Market directory contains details of over 700 UK markets in towns across the country.
UK Auction Directory
Over 250 UK offline auctions including those selling on behalf of the Government & Police.
Downloads Section
Numerous eBooks and training videos available for download at no extra cost. More info
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  Free Member Premium Member
Wholesale Product Offers Restricted access Full access
UK Wholesale Directory No Full access
UK Auction Directory No Full access
Wholesale Wanted Restricted access Full access
UK Markets Directory No Full access
Downloads Section No Full access
Vistor tracking statistics No Full access
Upload product offers via CSV file/RSS feed No Full access
Wholesalers Membership - Summary...
SimplyWholesale is far more than just another wholesale directory. Whilst other sites only let you advertise your contact details, we encourage suppliers to upload as many individual product details/offers as they wish.

We know from experience that one of the main reasons people don't succeed in buying/selling stock is because they don't (for whatever reason) take the time to visit wholesale suppliers in order to locate suitable products to sell. Of course, for many people, driving 100 miles to view a suppliers stock is a major inconvenience but it is a fact that this is what buyers have regularly had to do.... until now. With SimplyWholesale it is possible for buyers to purchase stock from a wide range of suppliers without leaving their desks.

You can register for a Wholesalers Membership to SimplyWholesale for absolutely nothing however to obtain full and unrestricted access to the members area, you will need to register for a paid subscription. Our paid subscription costs just £14.99 a month (or you can pay for an annual membership and benefit from a discount of over 30%!). This payment gives you access to all of our wholesale offers and everything detailed above. You can of course cancel your subscription at any time.

Once you have completed the signup process you will receive instant access to the members area.

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Remember, if you join for a year, you will receive a discount of over 30% on our regular prices!

Wholesalers - got a special deal or product line to move? Email our Buyer Members today! More details...

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