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Wholesale Wanted

Our 'Wholesale Wanted' service means that even if you can't find what you are looking for in our Wholesale Offers database or from suppliers in the UK wholesale directory, you may still be able to find a supplier of your required stock.

Quite simply, Buyer Members can place wanted adverts for specific stock and these adverts can be viewed by all visitors to the site. If a wholesaler visiting the site sees your advert and can supply the products you are looking for, all they need to do is login to the SimplyWholesale members area and they will be able to email you to discuss supplying you in more detail (note that although wholesalers must join the SimplyWholesale site before they can contact you, our membership fees are so low that in most cases our fee will be more than covered by the profit on one sale by the supplier!).

For simplicity the wholesale wanted section is fully categorized and searchable - there is no need to wade through thousands of irrelevant adverts to find what you are looking for.

Using the SimplyWholesale Wholesale Wanted facility has benefits on both sides:

Benefits to Buyer Members
  • Convenient - post details of the stock you are looking for and let wholesalers come to you. In addition, you can leave some of the running around searching to our product sourcing team.
  • Low cost - memberships to the SimplyWholesale site costs from a few pounds per month. If you are able to locate a supplier for the stock you want, how quickly will you make that back?
  • Completely unique service - no other wholesale-related site offers a service comparable to ours.
  • Established and trustworthy business - when you deal with SimplyWholesale, you can be confident that you are working with trustworthy and professional business people. We are not a 'fly by night' operation - our co-founder and director, Richard Grady, has been running wholesale-related Internet businesses since 1998.

Note that we do not provide wholesalers with our buyer members personal contact details. Initial contact is always by email through the SimplyWholesale site. If a buyer opts to provide further contact details after this, it is entirely their decision - we are committed to protecting your privacy.

Benefits to Wholesaler Members
  • When you see a wanted advert for stock that you sell, you immediately know that you will be dealing with a serious buyer who is interested in purchasing your product lines.
  • Advertise to a highly targeted audience - the vast majority of visitors to this site are UK buyers looking to purchase stock.
  • Quick and easy to reply to wanted adverts - just login and click a button to send the buyer an email.
  • New wanted adverts are constantly being added to the site which means you have a regular source of leads. (Even if you don't currently sell some of the products being requested, you may be able to source them and create additional income streams....)

If you are looking for stock to buy/resell and would like to make use of the SimplyWholesale Wholesale Wanted service, you need to join as a Buyer Member. You can do this by clicking here.

Only logged-in wholesale members are able to send a secure email to buyer members via the SimplyWholesale website. To join SimplyWholesale as a Wholesaler Member, click here.

Wholesalers - got a special deal or product line to move? Email our Buyer Members today! More details...

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