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We have a range of advertising options for wholesalers.
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Wholesale Offers

The Wholesale Offers facility is the most popular aspect of the SimplyWholesale experience.

In its simplest form, this section of the site allows our Wholesaler Members to post details of the products that they have for sale in order that visitors to the site can view these offers and then contact the the supplier in order to make a purchase.

Although we concentrate our efforts on UK product offers, we do allow a selection of overseas wholesalers to advertise their stock on our site but ONLY if they have confirmed that they will ship to the UK. In other words, you can rest assured that any supplier listing products for sale in this section of the site will be happy to deal with you in the UK.

Advertising via the Wholesale Offers section of the SimplyWholesale site has benefits on both sides:

Benefits to Buyer Members
  • Convenient - view offers from a wide range of wholesalers without leaving your desk. No more 100 mile round trips to a supplier only to find that they don't have what you are looking for.
  • Low cost - Buyer Memberships start from just a few pounds per month and provide access to a large range of resources (in addition to the Wholesale Offers facility).
  • Completely unique service - no other wholesale-related site offers a service comparable to ours.
  • Established and trustworthy business - when you deal with SimplyWholesale, you can be confident that you are working with trustworthy and professional business people. We are not a 'fly by night' operation - our co-founder and director, Richard Grady, has been running wholesale-related Internet businesses since 1998.
Benefits to Wholesaler Members
  • Cost effective - list as many product offers as you wish for one low monthly fee
  • Advertise to a highly targeted audience - the vast majority of visitors to this site are UK buyers looking to purchase stock.
  • Quick and easy to add product offers - custom designed interface in the members area allows you to create/manage/delete offers with ease.
  • In-built tracking system so you can see exactly how many visitors SimplyWholesale has sent you and which of your offers they are clicking on.
  • Your offers don't expire which means that your regular product lines can remain on our database indefinitely so you don't need to keep renewing them (of course, if you have a seasonal or limited offer, you can add an expiry date).
  • A far better option than just advertising your contact details in a large directory-type site (although all wholesaler members do receive a free listing in the SimplyWholesale wholesalers directory).
  • UK only - we only target UK buyers which means that you shouldn't be bothered with numerous enquiries from overseas that may serve just to waste your time.

For simplicity the Wholesale Offers section is fully categorized and searchable - there is no need to wade through thousands of irrelevant offers to find what you are looking for.

Only logged-in members can view the contact details of the individual wholesaler making a given product offer. To join SimplyWholesale as a Buyer Member, click here.

If you are a wholesaler and would like to add your own products to our website, you need to join as a Wholesaler Member. You can do this by clicking here.

Wholesalers - got a special deal or product line to move? Email our Buyer Members today! More details...

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