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Aromatherapy supplies wholesaler

  • Type of Wholesaler: Aromatherapy supplies wholesaler
  • Location: Sheffield
  • Details: We specialise in aromatherapy supplies to the wholesale trade. We also supply a wide range of fragranced lines. We stock a range over over 60 different types of essential oils. We also offer a wide range of pre-mixed massage treatments. Amongst our fragrance products we have simmering granules which are one of our best selling product lines. With over 80 fragrances to choose from you can find something to please every customer. Fragrance oils and room sprays, pot-pourri and incense are also part of our extensive range. All our products are bar coded and have lovely eye catching colour labels. The fragrance products are also themed which enables you to choose a few scents and create a brilliant display. As we are aromatherapy wholesalers our granules and incense are available in a range of scents made with essential oils to give your customers all the benefits of aromatherapy in many different forms.
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  • Address: Members only
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