The Five Best Bits of Business Advice You Will Ever Get

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The world is full of business advisers, giving out piece after piece of advice. So what’s the secret? How do you separate the good stuff from the filler? I’ve gone straight to the horse’s mouth for a look at the best bits of advice ever – asking some of my most trusted business partners which one bit of advice they received that they really rate. Enjoy the fruits of their labours below!

Creativity and money can go hand in hand

Business ideas are often generated by creative people. The myth that a creative person has his or head in the clouds, and has no regard for profit and loss, is just that – a myth. The simple fact of the matter? Great businesses are started by creative people and run with a good head for the bottom line. Otherwise they’d fail. So the next time someone tries to persuade you that you’re “too creative” to be a successful business owner, point them in the direction of the door.

Be ready to fail – and honest when you do

No-one is perfect – and no good boss trusts an employee who tries to hide his or her errors. The whole point of making mistakes is to learn from the, after all – and you will never become a successful business person if you don’t take your failings on board. Rather than hiding them, be honest about them and use them to become a more skilled operator in your chosen field.

Work, work, work – then do it some more

The greatest band in the world didn’t just pick up a bunch of guitars one day and start cranking out hit songs. The writer whose books sell millions of copies didn’t put pen to paper on Monday and cash the first royalty cheque the following Friday. Success stories look like instant wins, but they’re really the culmination of years of practice and hard work. You need to do the business equivalent of spending thousands of hours in your bedroom noodling on the guitar, if you’re going to get to the entrepreneurial equivalent of Sgt Pepper. Start putting in the hours – they will repay you one day.

Do you like your partners and employees?

Here’s a simple rule for relationships: it’s impossible to like someone you don’t trust. While you need to know that your employees and partners have relevant experience and qualifications, you do also need to be able to trust them. If you don’t, you’ll never like them – and working with people you don’t like is a disaster. You see your colleagues and employees for a huge number of hours every week. If you don’t like spending time with them, how can you learn to work with them?

Don’t worry if there are limited options

Trying to find the right business partner, or rent the best retail premises, can seem like a nightmare. There are so few options to choose from. Take your retail space as an exemplar. It has to fit into your budget in terms of size, location and price. Remember this rule, when you are puling your hair out at the paucity of options: you only need one premises to start off with, so even if there are hardly any out there you know there are some. And that’s a few more than you actually need. Talk to for more business advice.

The Author is an entrepreneur who runs his own chain of recruitment agencies. He writes a personal recruitment and business blog, which is often used by influential web pages within the industry. His articles have been published by industry magazines, and have also appeared in the business sections of national newspapers.


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