How will Google Panda affect your business?

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First the good news! During the past week, we have added a new Live Feed of wholesale product offers to the Simply Wholesale website…

The result of this new feed is that in an instant our wholesale product database has increased by around 40,000 products! You can view all of the new Live Offers by clicking here and don’t forget that there are over 110,000 further wholesale offers in our main wholesale database which you can access here.

Now the bad news, well, actually it might be good news, it all depends on how Google is treating your website with it’s latest Panda updates. The first Panda update occurred earlier this year and was basically an algorithm update which affected many, many websites in Google’s index. Some were affected positively by being boosted up the listings and some were affected negatively by dropping like a stone from their previous positions.

Google launched Panda 2.2 last week which updated things again and no doubt there will be plenty more Panda updates in the coming months. It would seem that the methods we use to get high search engine rankings may well be changing forever and if you want to stay ahead of the game, you are going to have to get used to some new rules. So what’s changed and what do you need to do? Well the easiest way of getting a handle on what’s going on is probably to take a look at the video below. It’s only about 5 minutes and if you have a website business it’s almost a ‘must see’.

If Google Panda has affected your website, for better or worse and you want to let us know, just use the comment form below…



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