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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all members and users of the SimplyWholesale.co.uk website. SimplyWholesale.co.uk is a trading name of Simply Wholesale Ltd, a company registered in the UK - registration number: 5708833.

The SimplyWholesale website is designed to provide users with access to a database directory of information (including details of items for sale/wanted), contact details and other resources. SimplyWholesale provides no guarantee or warranty that this service will be consistently available and assumes no responsibility for any period of time that the website may be offline. In order to use this service, a user must be able to access the Internet. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that they have the necessary equipment and third party agreements in place to access the Internet and SimplyWholesale accepts no responsibility for the associated costs.

The SimplyWholesale Site may be used only for lawful purposes and any user identified as using the site for illegal purposes will have their membership terminated. The database may not be used as a mailing list or to canvas any other member or business in any way. Members accept of course that they may contact/be contacted by other members in respect of adverts they may post/may be posted on the SimplyWholesale site. Members agree to ensure that monthly subscription fees are paid in full and on time as due, by the methods offered by SimplyWholesale.

The SimplyWholesale Site allows a degree of user interaction. Users agree that they will not use this facility to post threatening, abusive, illegal, obscene, vulgar, pornographic or indecent information. All information submitted by users will be reviewed by SimplyWholesale and SimplyWholesale reserves the right to delete any such information as it sees fit, without being bound to provide a reason or justification for this action.

All members shall be issued with a unique username and password, which will be required each time the user wishes to access the website. It is the user's responsibility to keep these details safe and confidential and users agree not to share, lend or sell their access details to any third party. SimplyWholesale uses IP tracking software to monitor the number of individual users accessing the site using the same login information and anyone found sharing their details will have their membership revoked and no refund of payments made will be given. All users agree that they are responsible for any actions that occur whilst logged into the site under their own unique login details.

The SimplyWholesale website is copyright to SimplyWholesale. Users agree not to copy or duplicate in any way any of the information provided on the site, except with the express written permission of SimplyWholesale. Users also agree that they will not resell the services offered by SimplyWholesale other than via the official SimplyWholesale affiliate program. Members who upload photographs/images and text as part of their membership agree and confirm that they have the legal right to use such images/text. If you believe an image/text is being displayed on our website in breach of your copyright, please contact us so that it can be removed.

Users agree that SimplyWholesale may cancel their membership at any time without notice and without reason. In addition, users agree that SimplyWholesale may withdraw this service at any time, without notice and without reason. Users may cancel their membership at any time by cancelling their regular subscription through Paypal or WorldPay or by sending an email request to SimplyWholesale. Refund requests will be considered on their own merit and refunds are made at the discretion of Simply Wholesale Ltd.

This website contains links to external, third party websites and SimplyWholesale shall not be responsible for the availability or services of such sites. The fact that a website or business is listed on this website does not mean that SimplyWholesale offers any sort of guarantee or warranty as to their ability to provide any services or products advertised and all users agree that they will make their own enquiries and satisfy themselves that a third party is suitable to enter into dealings with. All users agree that SimplyWholesale shall not be liable or responsible in any way for any losses, damage or claims resulting in the use of either this website or a third party whose details are listed within this website. Users agree that any dealings with any third party are entirely between the user and the third party. Users understand that in respect of offers/adverts displayed on the SimplyWholesale website, they will be dealing with third-parties and not with SimplyWholesale Ltd (or any of its subsidiaries). As stated, SimplyWholesale cannot accept any liability for any type of loss incurred in dealing with these third-parties. Wholesale Members may not advertise fake/replica or any other illegal products on the Simply Wholesale website. We reserve the right to remove any product offers which we suspect may fall into this category without reference to the advertiser. We also reserve the right to cancel any suppliers membership without refund of any subscription fees if we suspect that they are attempting to sell illegal products.

Users agree that SimplyWholesale will not provide any guarantee or warranty in respect of this service. In particular, SimplyWholesale makes no warranty that the service will meet your requirements or that it will be available on an uninterrupted or error free basis. SimplyWholesale makes no warranty that the information contained within the service will be accurate or reliable. Users should make their own enquiries and seek professional assistance before entering into any kind of contract with any third party supplier/business listed on this website.

This website provides material that may be downloaded to users' computers. Any such downloading is done entirely at the user's own risk and users agree that SimplyWholesale will not be responsible for any damage to individual computers or loss of data resulting from said download.

All users agree that SimplyWholesale shall not be liable for any loss or damage, of any sort, whether direct or indirect, resulting from the use of this website or a third party that is listed within this websites database. Users accept that they are using this website and the third parties to which it links entirely at their own risk with absolutely no liability on the part of SimplyWholesale whatsoever.

The use of this website shall be governed under English law.

If you have any queries regarding these terms and conditions, particularly if you don't agree with any point, please contact SimplyWholesale immediately. Continued use of the site will be taken as your acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

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