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385 wholesale products wanted
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Ogri related merchandise.

Date Posted: 29 May 2012
Quantity required: Small retailer - cannot buy pallets.

Ogri greetings cards or merchandise wanted please.

Aquadoodle / Aquadraw water pens

Date Posted: 06 Apr 2012
Quantity required: 1000

Hi, Please contact me if yu have these pens for sale in bulk.

stocks of mixed clothing items

Date Posted: 21 Feb 2012
Quantity required: minimum 1000 kg upto full truckloads

We are looking for large stocks of mixed new clothing items for men, ladies and children, which can be bought at a price per kilo. All we buy is for export to our wholesale customers outside Europe.

Novelty cruet sets

Date Posted: 15 Jan 2012
Quantity required: Small quantities at first

We are looking to purchase novelty/ceramic cruet sets

nautical wholesale

Date Posted: 14 Jan 2012
Quantity required: small amounts at first

We are looking to purchase nautical related items, bathroom hooks etc. Also bathing belle figures.

Aquadoodle / Aquadraw pens

Date Posted: 07 Jan 2012
Quantity required: 1000+

Hi, I am looking for aquadoodle / aquadraw pens to buy in bulk.

Prickmaster Plectrum Punch Cutter

Date Posted: 11 Dec 2011
Quantity required: 100

Hello i am looking for suppllier of the guitar plectrum cutting machines. Please contact me if you can help me. Im looking for a minimum of a hundred initially

Soap dish

Date Posted: 20 Nov 2011
Quantity required: 50 to 100

I am looking for a suppluier of low cost soap dishes. This is a new line for me so my initial order will only be around 50 to 100

Shower curtains

Date Posted: 20 Nov 2011
Quantity required: 50 to 100

I am looking for a supplier of low cost shower curtains. This is a new line for me so my first order will only be between 50 to 100

Kids clothes

Date Posted: 29 Sep 2011
Quantity required: not large quantities

Looking to buy quality kids winter clothes - snowsuits, jackets, sweaters, jeans. Also long/sleeved bodysuits at reasonable prices. Any offers please contact at info@mazyliupasaulis.lt

Mens Fossil Rings

Date Posted: 08 Sep 2011
Quantity required: 1-10

Amount dependent upon price

Herbal medicine (tea,capsules)

Herbal medicine (tea,capsules)

Date Posted: 27 Jul 2011
Quantity required: 100000

Our company specialized in developing, distributing and exporting all kinds of sex healthy care products. Our main products are health food, adult products, sex toys, spice things, contraception...

Book remainders and Publishers overstocks

Date Posted: 09 Jun 2011
Quantity required: Pallet of 1,000 books

Looking for a regular supply of new paperback remainders and publishers overstocks. Pallet loads of approx 1000 books delivered to PL9 0ED Must be recent releases, A and B format fiction/non...

Apex or Lyndon Taps and Dies

Date Posted: 26 May 2011
Quantity required: 20

Apex or Lyndon Taps and Dies, British Asssociation threads (2ba-10ba).

Baby Soft Keepsake Boxes

Baby Soft Keepsake Boxes

Date Posted: 25 May 2011
Quantity required: 6 pink 6 blue

I am trying to start up a small business making gift boxes with the above but can't seem to find any at wholesale prices

Bottled Emotion

Date Posted: 01 May 2011
Quantity required: 5

Bottled Emotion by Bonne Bell Fragrance-Funky

Small Pewter Fairies

Date Posted: 30 Apr 2011
Quantity required: 36

I am looking to buy small pewter fairies that are about 5cm tall. Can you help? Kind regards. Nicki.

Ear plugs, hearing protection and sleep masks

Ear plugs, hearing protection and sleep masks

Date Posted: 01 Apr 2011
Quantity required: Bulk 1000+

Im looking to buy bulk lots of foam ear plugs, mainly Moldex, E.A.Rsoft and Howard Leight brands. Im also looking for a supplier of sleep masks and other snore/sleep related items. I need at least...

Soft furnishings and textiles

Date Posted: 30 Mar 2011
Quantity required: Please advise min order

Wanted - good quality bed duvet sets, curtains and bedspreads.

Looking for quality tools to sell on ebay.

Date Posted: 24 Mar 2011
Quantity required: 1-1000

Job lost considered , Shipped to newcastle , England

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