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43 wholesale products wanted
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Shaving Soaps & Creams

Date Posted: 15 Oct 2014
Quantity required: £50-200

I would like to purchase Shaving soaps or creams to sell on my website www.bobbyshave.com. Initially I would purchase smaller amounts but with the right deals this will grow. I would also be...

Gillette Razor Blades

Date Posted: 31 Oct 2012
Quantity required: 100-200

Looking for a wholesaler of Gillette Razor Blades. Fusion, Fusion Power, Proglide, Proglide Power. Packs of 4 or 8

Herbal medicine (tea,capsules)

Herbal medicine (tea,capsules)

Date Posted: 27 Jul 2011
Quantity required: 100000

Our company specialized in developing, distributing and exporting all kinds of sex healthy care products. Our main products are health food, adult products, sex toys, spice things, contraception...

Bottled Emotion

Date Posted: 01 May 2011
Quantity required: 5

Bottled Emotion by Bonne Bell Fragrance-Funky

80 proof non-denatured vodka/alcohol/ethanol for perfumery

Date Posted: 06 Aug 2009
Quantity required: Min. 10 litre

First order 10 litre. Anticipate ongoing orders.

Cosmetics, Skincare and hair care Products Needed

Date Posted: 12 May 2009
Quantity required: 1000

I am looking for suppliers of brand name cosmetics, skincare and hair care products. For my online business

new seller-- looking 4 dropshipers

Date Posted: 09 Jan 2009
Quantity required: any

im lookin for any dropshipers ,who stock shampoos and perfumes . and dont have a minimum order .

Durex Tingle Condoms

Date Posted: 13 Nov 2008
Quantity required: Bulk

Looking for a supplier of Durex condom, in particular the Tingle range Bulk quantity req'd.

Branded Designer Mini Perfume/Fragrances

Date Posted: 21 Aug 2008
Quantity required: 500

Wanted branded designer minature perfume/fragrances for use in wedding/event/beautyshop business

Waist Trimmers

Date Posted: 10 Jul 2008
Quantity required: 20 - 2000

Looking for someone to supply me with any quantity of waist trimmers. 20 - 2000. simon191178@hotmail.com immediate payment available

Branded cosmetics, makeup and perfume

Date Posted: 24 May 2008
Quantity required: 200

Looking for branded cosmetics, makeup and perfume for resale as a party planner and market trade.

Looking for branded perfumes

Date Posted: 02 Apr 2008
Quantity required: 1000

I am looking for branded perfumes. If you can supply me with 1000 pieces in each model at a highly competitive price, then send me your price list at nainamanchanda@yahoo.co.in ( If you deal in...

Branded Cosmetics Wanted

Date Posted: 02 Apr 2008
Quantity required: 1000

I am looking for branded cosmetics (Revlon, Max Factor, Elizabeth Arden, Loreal, Chanel etc) If you can supply me with 1000 pieces in each model at a highly competitive price, then send me your price...


Date Posted: 21 Mar 2008
Quantity required: 20



Date Posted: 07 Mar 2008
Quantity required: 10

I am looking for a wholesaler who can provide me with high branded cosmetics such as Urbay Decay, Pout, YSL, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Clinique, Benefit, Chanel, Lancome e.t.c I am looking for a...


Date Posted: 03 Mar 2008
Quantity required: 20+

I am looking to buy W7 products, finding it hard to buy wholesale! Anyone sell or know of any wholesalers?

Decleor, Mac, Nars, Bobbi Brown, Dermalogica etc

Date Posted: 12 Jan 2008
Quantity required: any

I am looking for a supplier of high end skincare and cosmetics such as the above brands and others such as Stila, Benefit, Smashbox, Philosophy, By Terry, YSL etc.

branded perfumes required

Date Posted: 16 Nov 2007
Quantity required: any

Hi, I am looking for a supplier of genuine branded perfumes. Please send price lists, min orders delivery details etc. Many thanks

Holisitc Products

Date Posted: 01 Nov 2007
Quantity required: 100s

Wanted: Bulk supplies of all holistic products for therapists and for resale please

Clinique, Molton Brown

Date Posted: 20 Sep 2007
Quantity required: Any

Looking for wholesale of clinique and molton brown products

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